A Sweet Treat…For You!

Growing up in the beautiful yet bountiful deserts and alpine countries of Arizona, my family enjoyed fresh, sweet, succulent fruit daily.

Particularly, I remember fun summer time, when my sisters and my cousins would swim all day long in my aunt’s backyard pool. It had a diving board , wide, yet long, with a deep and shallow end. We let our imaginations run wild as well played, and played, and played some more!

We were well fed and my aunt would come out mid afternoon and tell us to get out of the pool and eat! She’d present us with a huge fruit platter filled with red, pink, and yellow slices of watermelon, orange cantaloup, lime green honeydew, purple and white grapes, deliciously red apple slices, golden pineapple rings and more.

Fruit. Delicious. Simple. Nature’s Candy.


Scientific research as shown fruit to be one of the best foods on the planet. It is abundant and bountiful. Growing everywhere around the globe in special climates for each unique species.

“Daily intake of fruit may decrease the risk of heart disease by as much as 40 percent, according to data presented in 2014 at the European Society of Cardiology Congress. Researchers followed 451,681 participants for seven years and found that in addition to reducing the risk of heart disease, daily fruit consumption reduced the risk of dying from heart disease and stroke by 27 percent and 40 percent, respectively, compared with people who ate less than a serving of fruit each day. Daily fruit intake also cuts the risk of overall death by 32 percent during follow-up. This study emphasizes the effectiveness of fruit as disease treatment and prevention.” Source: Du H, Li L, Bennett D, et al. Fresh fruit consumption, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk: a prospective cohort study of 0.5 million adults in the China Kadoorie Biobank. Report presented at: European Society of Cardiology Congress 2014; September 1, 2014: Barcelona, Spain.

Abundance has always been in my life, no matter what. We get to choose to see our lives as abundant, make it fun, enjoy our creativity and live vibrantly!

This is one way that I enjoy my nature’s candy:

Diced Pineapple & Pomegranate Seeds

This is such an easy and delicious way to enjoy your fruit. The bright colors are appealing to the eye (we eat with our eyes first) and the flavors are tangy, sweet, and slightly bitter hitting all the dopamine notes on our tongue.

Love yourself enough to have vibrancy in your life. Have fun with your creations and share with me by hitting reply or tagging me in the private LVV Facebook community.

I can’t wait to see your favorite fruit candy!

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